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How to Install Brother Printers Without a CD-ROM?

Brother printers are a common and intelligent choice for many offices and homes. Furthermore, printers are a huge part of today’s work culture. Thus, having one won’t cost you much, plus it will boost your productivity. Installing a printer is accessible from both a CD-ROM and online. However, if you don’t have the CD-ROM or are installing an existing printer without manuals, we have got you covered. It is facile to install Brother printer drivers online with a CD-ROM.

Moreover, a CD-ROM drive isn’t always available in many of today’s slimline computer models. In addition, printer makers, such as Brother, anticipate that customers may misplace or ignore the installation CDs; therefore, they make all drivers and installation software available on their websites. Henceforth, you don’t need a CD as you can set up the Brother Printer Drivers online.

Install Brother Printers Without a CD-ROM

Look for the Printer Driver in the Brother Solution Support

Brother has a comprehensive support center website for all the driver downloads and Brother printers solutions. However, to complete the installation process, you must have your model number with you. After that, visit the website to the support section and search for the exact model number. The search results on the website will show you the instructions tailored to your printer. Furthermore, to suit your process, it will first ask if you require the Windows or Macintosh driver. Therefore, choose the correct option to begin the process.

You can download the Brother printer driver from there, and you can find it in your system’s “Downloads” folder. Click to open the software file, and you will get on-screen prompts leading you to the setup procedure. Furthermore, it is necessary to transfer the driver file to the “Printers” folder of the system. This is crucial to pair the printer device with the system. Therefore, make sure to place the printer driver into the “Printer” folder to complete the setup successfully.

In the next step, choose the apt operating among the various setup prompts. Many users usually opt for the complete package set up to access all of the Brother printer’s capabilities and features. However, you can customize the settings as per your choices and requirements. Apart from that, read all the users’ advice before continuing, tapping agrees.

Connect the Printer to Your Network

Brother printer driver installation is the initial step in the setup process. Next, you have to configure the printer to your network. Several printers these days are connected to wireless networks to function with many computers or devices simultaneously. Furthermore, you can’t plug all your systems into one printer, and the printer isn’t always hard-wired to the wireless router. Thus, the Brother printer must be connected to your network to function correctly. 

  • First, start by gathering the information about the wireless network, such as the network name and passwords.
  • Note: Another name or synonym for the network name is SSID. Furthermore, network keys and encryption keys are alternative terms for passwords.
  • You can find this information on the wireless router’s base sticker. In addition, keep a USB cord handy to complete the installation.
  • Connect the Brother printers to a power source, and power it on. 
  • You already have the printer driver with you, then open the printer driver network in your system. 
  • After that, choose the “Brother Peer-to-Peer Network” option from the configure menu.
  • Next, connect the printer and computer via the USB wire. 
  • Note; the screen prompts will require you to change the firewall settings and maybe make antivirus software adjustments. Continue with the prompts as these modifications are necessary to allow the printer to connect to the network. 
  • Then select the “Wireless Setup” to ensure the smooth setup of the Brother printer driver. The driver will detect your network, choose it, and proceed with the other setup instructions. 
  • Lastly, remove the USB cable and do sample testing to ensure that setup is successful.

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