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Attaching your Brother Printer to wi-fi is mandatory as you would not be able to download and update the Brother Printer Drivers without the internet connection. And without the printer driver, you can’t get the documents printed. In order to connect the Brother printer to wi-fi, the proper instructions given in this article must be followed for an uninterrupted performance.

Complete and Informative guide on How to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi Using Control Panel

  1. The primary step is to hook up the power cord to your Brother printer and after this plug it into the running electric socket.Power on your printer to connect it to wi-fi. 
  2. Now, look at the printer’s control panel and press the Menu button that you observe on it. 
  3. Soon after this, you have to opt for the Network option and at the same time press the OK button. 
  4. Just beneath the Network segment, you will observe three different options which are Wired LAN, WLAN, and Wi-Fi Direct. You are supposed to choose the WLAN option and hit the OK key.
    • Note: You need to keep in mind that this option is not available on all the brother’s printers.
  5. You are then supposed to pick up the Setup Wizard option and then press the OK button from your printer. 
  6. Thereafter, when you notice the “WLAN Enable?” option on your printer’s screen, choose the ON option in order to enable the wireless network connection. By doing so, it will initiate the process of the wireless setup wizard. 
  7. As a result, the printer will begin searching for your preferred network and will showcase the list of available network names(SSID) available nearby right in front of you. Once you got the name of your host network, click on it and press OK. 
  8. You are then required to put in the Network Key for the host network that you are presently using. Insert the Network Key accurately and press the OK button. To acquire the Network Key look at the rear side of the router there you will get the label on which you will see the password. 
  9. Hence, this concludes the process to connect Brother printer to wi-fi and now you can easily print your documents.

Learn How to Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi using WPS Push Button

To continue with the wireless setup of the Brother printer via the WPS Push button you must ensure that your printer must have a WPS button. Have a glimpse of the entire process carefully to know how to connect the Brother printer to Wi-Fi using WPS Push Button.  

  • In the beginning, you first have to ensure that your Brother printer is placed within the range of your router. In short, you must keep your printer closer to your router to get a strong and uninterrupted internet network connection. 
  • Instantly after this, you have to take the power cord and attach its one end with your printer and another end with the wall socket. Switch on your printer to continue with the configuration process.
  • After turning on your printer, you are supposed to press and hold down the WPS button at the backside of the router for a few seconds. 
  • Presently, you have to press and hold the WPS button from your Brother printer. To do so, use the PIN or any other pointed object so that you can easily press the WPS button using it. 
  • As a result, your printer will start navigating for the WLAN access point/router that supports Wi-Fi protected setup. At the same time, the Toner LED light on your printer will start blinking. 
  • Now, you are recommended to wait until the Ready LED light of your printer notifies you that it is Connected. 
  • Finally, you will observe that the Ready LED of your Brother’s printer will immediately start blinking for up to 5 minutes. This shows that your printer is successfully hooked up with the WLAN access point/router with which you have connected. Just in case, you didn’t notice the Ready LED light doesn’t blink then you have to look for the message code displayed and then try to resolve the error by visiting the support page of Brother printer. 
  • Here completes the wireless configuration of Brother Printer via the WPS push button.
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