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Brother Printer Wifi Setup – Set up your machine on a wireless network

Brother Printer Wifi Setup

Brother Printer WiFi Setup is an essential part of preparing your state-of-the-art WiFi Printer for its best performance. It involves configuring the Printer on your Internet Network. In other words, you have to connect the Printer to your WiFi Network so that your Computer can communicate with it.

Things Needed For Brother Printer WiFi Setup

In order to successfully complete the Brother Printer WiFi Setup, you will need few essential things. This means you should procure the following things before proceeding for the process. 

  1. To begin with, you must have a fully functional and stable WiFi Connection with strong signals. Make sure the Network Access Point or Router is working properly. 
  2. Along with that, ensure that your Computer is also connected to the same Internet Network. 
  3. In addition to that, you must have the details of your WiFi Network. In other words, you will need the Network’s SSID (Network Name) and Network Key / Password. You can get the details by checking the side or base of your Wireless Router or Network Access Point.

Step-by-step Instructions For Brother Printer WiFi Setup

  1. In the very first place, you should hook up the Printer to a stable Power Source like a secure Wall Outlet with the help of its Power Cable. Make sure that you properly plug in the ends of this cable in the Power Socket and Printer. Then, turn on the Power Switch. 
  2. Now, press the Printer’s Power button to turn it on. With this, its Power Lamp will light up. Make sure it remains stable. 
  3. Next, you should go to the Control Panel of your Printer. Here, you should look for the “Menu” button. Then, press it. 
  4. This should bring up the Menu window. Now, use the “Up” and “Down” Arrows Keys to navigate the Menu Screen for locating “Network”. Select it. Then, press the “OK” button. 
  5. The following window gives you another list of options. Once again, use the Arrow Keys to select “Setup Wizard”. Then, press “OK”.
  6. Thereafter, it will prompt you to turn On or Off the “WLAN Enable?” option. Hence, press the “UP” Arrow to turn it on. 
  7. As a result, the Printer will start searching for the available WiFi Networks within its range. Your Printer’s Screen will say “Searching SSID”. Hence, wait for the Printer to detect the Network. 
  8. When you get a list of Networks available for connection, appropriately select your Network’s SSID. Then, press “OK”. 
  9. After that, it prompts you to provide your Network Key. Hence, accurately enter the “Password” of your Network. For this, you should use its Arrow Keys. 
  10. When prompted to “Apply Settings?”, make sure it says “Yes”. Then, press “OK” to confirm your choice. 
  11. Consequently, the Printer will start establishing a connection to your Wireless Network. Your screen will say “Connecting WLAN”. At the same time, the Printer’s “WiFi Lamp” will begin to flash. 
  12. Now, wait for the Printer to connect to the WiFi Network. 
  13. Following that, your Printer’s screen will display “Connected Printing”. In other words, it will start printing the “WLAN Report” after establishing the Network Connection to ensure that you are connected to the correct Network. 
  14. With this, you will get a Printout of “WLAN Report”. 
  15. Along with that, the “WiFi Lamp” of your Printer will light up. Make sure it has a stable light. This completes your Brother Printer WiFi Setup. 

How To Prepare The Printer For Brother Printer WiFi Setup?

Before you begin the Brother Printer WiFi Setup process, make sure that you have properly prepared the machine for setup. In other words, you must complete the Hardware Setup procedure. For this, identify a secure, flat surface for placing the Printer Machine. Make sure it is within the network range of your WiFi Connection. Now, place the Printer carefully. Then, properly unbox the machine. Get rid of all the packaging material and protective tapes. Thereafter, hook it up to a stable Power Source with the help of its Power Cable. Turn On the Printer. This should light up its Power Lamp which should be stable. In order to proceed further, correctly install its Ink Cartridges. Then, set up its Paper Tray and load it properly. Once you have set up the Printer, go to its Control Panel. Bring up its Home Screen. This will take you to its Setup Guide window. As such, follow on-screen prompts to provide the required Settings. After that, the Printer will perform its Initialization and Alignment process. Hence, wait for the process to finish.

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