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Brother Printer Troubleshooting | Fixing Brother Printer Issues

Brother Printer Troubleshooting
Brother Printer Troubleshooting

Brother printers are one of the finest printers that are well known for delivering amazing print quality to the users. But, usually while operating the Brother printer, it stops functioning or you might get error messages while using it. So, as to completely get a discharge of the printing issues, it is necessary that you know why these issues are occurring and how to resolve them. In this article, we will teach you how to perform the Brother Printer Troubleshooting to get rid of the issues with Brother Printer Drivers & More.

Have an overview on the Brother Printer Troubleshooting

Resolve Paper Feeding Issues-

Inappropriate feeding of the papers is one of the major problems that might interrupt in the working of the printer. This issue usually occur when you misfeeds the paper or you get the No Paper FED or paper jamming error message displays on your printer’s screen. In order to get rid of all these issues have a look at the below steps.

    • Ensure that all the papers are properly fed into the printer’s output tray and the paper support flap is unfolded – 
      • Gently pull out the paper tray and then detach the output tray. 
      • Take out all the papers from the output tray. 
      • Soon after this, pull out the paper support and along with this, you have to unfold the paper support flap. 
      • After this, you have to fan the bundle of papers in order to avoid the issue of paper jamming and inappropriate paper feeding. 
      • Now, you have to insert the bundle of papers properly into the output tray. 
      • Finally, press and slide the paper guides in order to fix the papers properly into the tray. 
    • While inserting the papers into your Brother Printer make sure that it meets the specifications of your printer. 
    • Avoid using such papers that are wrinkled, folded, damaged, or not in proper shape. 

Get rid of Brother Printer Ink cartridge issue-

At times, the users face various kinds of issues related to ink cartridge that stops them to print properly. This issue occurs when you have installed the incorrect ink cartridge that is not compatible with your printer. Also, it may occur when you have not inserted the ink cartridges properly. So as to get rid of these issues make sure that you have inserted the correct ink cartridge that is suitable for your Brother Printer. If still, the issue does not resolve, you need to install the ink cartridges again. 

    • First of all, unplug your printer from the power outlet and open the ink cartridge cover very carefully. 
    • After this, you have to detach the orange protective cover from your printer properly.
    • Now, you are supposed to unpack the ink cartridge but make sure you unpack one at a time. Here, you need to be very careful while opening the packages. 
    • Soon after this, you have to install the ink cartridges as per their specified slots. In short, you have to insert the ink by looking at the colored slots you will observe on your printer. 
    • You then have to insert the ink cartridges back until you hear the sound of the click. 
    • Finally, you have to shut down the ink cartridge cover after installing it properly.

Check the network configuration of your Brother printer-

If you are unable to print, then you have to ensure that your printer is well connected with the internet network connection. If your printer is wireless, check whether it is hooked up with the correct network connection instead of a shared wi-fi connection. Whereas, if you have a wired printer, check that the ethernet cables are inserted properly into the allotted ethernet ports. Also, ensure that there should not be any damage, breakage in the wire that you are using.

Clean up your Brother Printer-

    • You need to clean up the paper pick up roller to avoid paper jamming. To clean up the paper pick up the roller, take out the paper tray, and turn off your printer.
    •  Soon after this, you have to detach the Jam clear cover from your printer. 
    • After this, use a few drops of the isopropyl alcohol on the cotton swab to clean the roller. 
    • Later on, you have to put the Jam clear cover back again properly and also put the output tray back.
    •  In the end, you have to plug in your printer again.

Remove all the print-related jobs from the print queue-

    • In the beginning, you have to select the Windows icon or Start button from the left-hand corner of the screen. 
    • Just after this, you have to opt for the Devices and Printers option from the right-hand panel. 
    • As a result, you will get the printer’s name listed from where you have to choose the printer model of Brother that you are using currently. 
    • Now, to delete all the print jobs you have to tap on the Print option and then click on Cancel All Documents. 

Lastly, you will get a pop-up box, tap on the Yes button for successfully clearing all the print jobs of your printer.

Additional Troubleshooting steps-

Despite all the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, there are some other troubleshooting steps that you must have a look upon. 

    • Make sure you are using the upgraded version of the printer drivers. 
    • You must ensure that your Brother printer is set to the default printer. 
    • Use the printer driver that is compatible as per your Brother printer model. 
    • Restart the print spooler service of your Brother Printer.
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