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brother printer driver download

This is a detailed guide on Brother Printer Drivers Download. All the steps of the download process are stated in the layman language that makes it easy for the users to understand and perform the process.

Detailed Procedure for Brother Printer Driver Download

Brother Printer Driver Download is a crucial step in the printer setup. Only after downloading, you can install it and perform the printing functions. The process of download requires a high-speed network connection that is reliable and secure to use. Along with this, make sure your Brother printer is disconnected before you start with the process. 

The thorough procedure for the driver download is stated below. Carefully follow each step to complete the process without hindrances.

1. Run an Internet Surfing Application

The primary step of the procedure is to run a surfing browser on your computing device. You can launch any browser you are comfortable with such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. However, make sure you use the updated version of it so as to make your process error-free and smooth.

2. ove to the Printer Driver Webpage

Once the browser is up on your screen, you have to type the relevant web address of the official Brother printer website. The URL that you need to enter is “”. On reaching the preferred window, look for the “Contact” option on the upper panel. A list of options will now expand. Choose the “Driver Downloads” option from the Service section of the list. This will popup the Printer Driver webpage on your screen.

3. Select your Printer Model and Move to the Product Window

Now, scroll down the printer driver window until you get the Printer Model search field. Invade the model number of your Brother printer and hit the “Search” tab. The search results will show up under the field. Choose the relevant option and you will be redirected to the product page.

4. Choose the Preferred Operating System

In the following screen, you have to select the operating system and its version for the Brother printer driver download. First, select between Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile option. Later, you have to pick the version of your operating system. Making these selections will help you to get the compatible printer driver.

5. Review the Details and Select the Printer Driver

The list of drivers will turn up on your computer screen. More than one driver is available. Hence, review the list carefully. Examine the description of the software and the size of the download file. However, the recommended one is the full-fledged driver and software package. After carefully examining the list, choose the one that you want to download.

6. Read and Accept the Agreement

On selecting the printer driver, you will be redirected to the driver window. Here, you can understand more about the selected driver by clicking all the placed links. As you move down, you will find the End-User License Agreement. It is vital to review the whole agreement for knowing the terms you are going to bind with. Once you are done with reading, you have to accept it by hitting the acceptance tab.

7. Wait for the Process Completion

As you click the Acceptance tab, the Brother printer driver download process will commence instantly. The download process is a matter of a few minutes, depending upon your network connection. Once the process is done, you can access it from the default location and install it on your system.

Frequently Raised Questions

Q1. How can I fix the Brother printer driver download issues?

Ans. Following the above mentioned Brother Printer Download process will help you get the setup file on your system without facing any errors. However, there might be times that you encounter the issue that you need to get fixed. Some of the ways that will help in fixing the errors are given below. 

  • Switch the browser window between normal and incognito.
  • Reset your internet router and reconnect to your device.
  • Review your printer model, operating system, and version selection. Make sure you have selected the correct option. 
  • Log in as an Administrator is a must for the smooth process.

Q2. Why is upgrading the printer driver needed and how do I know the upgrade is required?

Ans. Upgrading your Brother Printer driver is a much-needed process that helps you to enjoy the effective working of your printer. The following are the hints using which you can understand that you need to perform the up-gradation process. 

  • Technical issues pop up due to the usage of the outdated printer driver. 
  • On experiencing the printer crashing issues, unable to use the software on a mobile device, etc. you have to upgrade your driver.
  • If your printer stops working or following your commands, it becomes important to upgrade your driver.
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