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Brother MFC L2700DW Setup

The Brother MFC L2700DW is a famous all-in-one printer machine. It has an excellent ability to carry out several useful tasks that include printing, scanning, and copying. Also, another fantastic feature of this all-in-one printer machine is that you can connect it wirelessly or to your WiFi. Hence, whether this printer’s location is in the office or at home, multiple people working within the same network can access the Brother MFC L2700DW printer machine without facing any hassle with wires or cords.

However, with technology’s progression nowadays, it is difficult for you to stay updated on how to have an easy and successful Brother mfc l2700dw setup. Hence we are providing some helpful instructions in this blog that will help you complete the Brother mfc l2700dw setup conveniently. 

Brother MFC L2700DW Printer Setup

Brother MFC L2700DW Printer Setup through Wireless Connection

Before you begin with the process of Brother mfc l2700dw setup, make sure that you have a wireless network connection available. If so, note the SSID and password and proceed to perform the following steps:

  • First, hold the power cord connected to your printer and link the same to an electrical socket.
  • Then, switch your printer ON using the power button.
  • This will be a circular-shaped button that you will find on the top right-hand corner of the printer’s control panel.
  • After that, go to the menu. You will find its button on the control panel.
  • Then, put your fingers on the Up or Down arrow keys and choose the ‘network’ option. 
  • Next, hit the ‘ok’ button.
  • Now, again you will have to take up or down arrow key’s help. You have to select the option stating ‘WLAN.’
  • Further, click the ‘ok’ key.
  • Now, the next step for Brother mfc l2700dw is to opt for the ‘setup wizard.’
  • For this, go to the up or down arrow keys and choose the option ‘setup wizard,’ and press the ‘ok’ key after that.
  • As a result, the screen will show you the ‘WLAN Enable?’ option.
  • Also, there will be two options to choose from ‘yes’ or ‘no.’
  • You have to go for the ‘yes’ option.
  • Accordingly, the wireless setup wizard for your Brother mfc l2700dw setup will kick start.
  • Further, the wireless setup wizard will open a list of available network names. 
  • Hence, you have to recognize your network through the arrow keys and tap on the ‘ok’ key.
  • Once you enter the network key, the settings apply immediately. Accordingly, you will see that the connection to the wireless access point is enabled.
  • If there is an open network that is non-encrypted, then you do not need to enter any password. You can directly proceed with the next step of Brother mfc l2700dw setup.
  • The moment the connection gets successful, the screen will show you ‘connected.’
  • Also, your printer will print a ‘WLAN’ report stating ‘connection ok.’
  • Moreover, the WiFi button located on the left of the printer’s LCD screen will flash green. 
  • In case of the connection failure, the printer will print a statement saying ‘connection xx.’
  • This indicates that there is some error in connection. Hence, you will have to go with the procedure again.


So, by following the instructions that we have rounded in this article to update you on the procedure of Brother MFC l2700dw setup, one can easily set the printer. All the steps and instructions given in this blog are easy to follow. However, if any user still faces any issues they must get in touch with the Brother Printer customer support. You can also download and install Brother Printer drivers or any Brother Printer Software easily from the customer support page. 

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