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Brother All in One Printer | Brother Printer with Multifunctions.

Brother all in one printer

This is an all-inclusive guide that will provide you the information regarding Brother all in one printer. Make sure you read all the details that are provided in this article. This will provide you a deeper understanding of these printers and their offerings. With that, you will also get a complete procedure for setting up your printer.

Remarkable Features of All in One Printer

Brother all in one printer is a feature-packed product that offers the award-winning performance and unimaginable printing experience. This printer is perfect for multiple usages such as printing, scanning, copying, as well as faxing. To know more about these printers, you must look at the given features. Underneath are some of the noteworthy features of all in one printer that can’t be ignored.  

Economical Printing

These Brother printers are best for saving extra pennies. With minimum ink cartridge replacement, 2-sided printing, toner save mode, and several other features, you can save a good amount and make your printing cheaper. 

High Production Capabilities

Brother all in one printer is engineered with such features that have drastically increased its production capabilities. You can print up to 48 pages in just a minute. Some of its models even offer higher productivity. This will reduce your waiting time and enhance your experience. 

Improved Duplex Feature

With the help of the Duplex feature of all in one printer, you print on both sides of the paper. This will not just reduce your time but will also cut short the cost. For better user experience, these printers have the automatic document feeder. 

Mobile Friendly

To enjoy a personalized printing experience and to make the printing, scanning, and copying more convenient, Brother printers can be used right from your mobile devices. This will let you perform the functions anytime and from anywhere. These printers are compatible with various printing applications such as Air print, Google Cloud Print, iPrint & Scan, etc. 

Superior Quality

All-in-one printers are a perfect companion for workplaces. Its enhanced features provide high-quality prints with the minimum cost.  

Robust and Compact Design

The compact design of all in one printer makes these printers the best option even for small workplaces. Brother has designed these printers with robust, durable, and dependable quality which makes them the partner for the long run. 

Multiple Connectivity Options

Brother has built these all in one printers to provide flexibility to the users. You can connect your printer to your devices using the in-built Wifi technology or with the help of an ethernet cable. You can also opt for the USB cable to form the connection. 

Flexible Printing

These Brother printers are designed with different paper feed slots that permit users to print diverse documents. You can use this printer to print cards, pamphlets, envelopes, and much more.

High-Yield Ink Tank

All in one printers are loaded with high yielding ink tanks that offer three times more printing than normal ink tanks. This will minimize the frequency of ink replacement. Also, these ink cartridges are easy to load and deliver higher productivity. 

Other Key Features

There are several other features too such as extensive paper yielding, page gauge, big and solid display, adjustable paper tray, cloud-based applications, high-quality document glass, and a lot more.

Simplified and Step-by-Step Instructions For Brother Printer Setup

To make the best use of all the functionalities that Brother All In One Printer has to offer, you first have to set up your printer. The procedure of your Printer Setup involves a few steps that you must perform correctly. To eliminate all the errors that might turn up in between the process, we are providing a complete procedure for your Brother all in one printer setup. Take the help of given instructions and simplify your printer setup process. 

Unbox and Configure your Printer

To set up your Brother printer, your printer must be configured properly. So, start off with the unboxing of your new printer. Then, place it on a flat surface. Next to that, plug it in the power source and turn it on. Change the basic settings of your printer and complete the primary configuration. 

Link Your Printer to the Wireless Internet Connection

Further, you are required to connect your printing machine to a reliable source of wireless connection. Make sure you connect to the network which is secure to use and must be private, so as to reduce the risk of data loss. For connection, you can either opt for a wireless method or wired connection using an ethernet cable.

Download the Printer Driver Setup File

Once you are done with the formation of a stable connection, you can move to the download process. Printer Driver is a must to have software as it allows your printer to understand your commands and work on them. For downloading the Brother Printer Driver, you have to move to the official website i.e. “”. Then, click Contact> Driver Download. Next to that, enter in your Brother all in one printer model and search for it. Further, choose the operating system, its version, review the system requirements, read the license agreement. Finally, accept the agreement and download the driver setup file. 

Install the Brother Printer Driver on Your Machine

Installation of the Brother printer driver is the final step and later to that, you can start using your printer for various purposes. To install the setup file you will get all the instructions right on your screen. However, before that, you have to access the setup file that you have downloaded. Later, you can complete the procedure easily by following the on-screen instructions.

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